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 What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

Before we explain the nature of WordPress, do you know what content management platforms are? Simply content management systems, or what is known as CMS for (Content Management Systems), are pre-prepared software systems by companies, whose primary task is to facilitate and simplify the process of creating a website.

It provides all the tools needed to design, customize, set up, adjust, track and organize all the elements and details of the site, through simple interactive interfaces. Instead of attaching dozens of lines of code to change the background or specific options within the site, you can with a few simple clicks change the look of the entire site, without adding a single line of code.

The WordPress platform is one of the most famous and most powerful content management platforms at all, and it has dominated and still so far has dominated a large percentage of websites that are created through content management platforms.

The WordPress system is open source, meaning that it is completely free, and you can use, hire, modify, or even add or sell any elements that you develop within the system. WordPress is built according to the PHP language, and it is managed by Automatic, and the company’s team consists of volunteer programmers, whose job is to ensure all system components, security and safety, in addition to fixing technical problems and issuing the necessary updates for the system.

What are the uses of the WordPress platform?

Now we have a good idea about WordPress, and it is one of the distinguished content management platforms, but the question that may come to the minds of many is: What exactly does content management mean? In other words, what is the working mechanism or how to use WordPress in managing and developing sites?

We will clarify the answer to this legitimate question through the following points, which explain the uses of WordPress in the context of the various types of electronic content that you can prepare with it:

Create and manage blogs of all kinds

Including blog site design, biology, hours, aquarium (footer and header) and SEO tuning, a special editing tool for full article writing and formatting, and many other perks.

See our comprehensive guide to the WordPress cookie for additional details.

Creating and creating electronics of all kinds

Please choose the store and its display, in addition to your storage space, please choose different types in the field of display, price display and payment methods, not to mention the additions in sales and supply chain than what, which can be performed by counting lines.

Membership sites

They are sites that provide certain services to customers who subscribe to one of the paid plans within the site, for example, sites that provide scientific content (articles or studies) or work conditional on subscribing to the site.

Courses website

Through WordPress, you can create a professional course site, and you can either sell the courses or provide them with a paid subscription to the site.

Various sites

It includes auction sites, company sites, forums, podcast sites, you can even create your own social networking site, and many other types of niche sites.