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What is google adwords - google adwords?

 What is google adwords - google adwords?

google adwords

Google Ads or Google Ads (formerly Google Ads), quite simply, is a very large advertising platform, and it attracts a large number of advertisers because it is the largest source of high-quality visits.

The advertiser can advertise in various types of Google advertising channels, the most important of which are:

1 - Search ads: they can target any audience and any words by appearing in the Google search engine.

2 - Ads appearing network: where he can target with his advertisement any famous website, and benefit from its important visitors.

3 - Video ads: It can target popular YouTube channels.

Why Google?

Among the things that make Google a magnet for those interested in e-marketing:

1 - Google is the largest source of traffic in the world, as it can target a very large audience.

2 - Google includes very high quality traffic, because people are looking for topics and things. If you announce a distinctive article targeting them, be sure that the desire to interact with your content will be very high, and therefore the probability of buying will be high as well.

Suppose, for example, that you want to market sunglasses, so you wrote a long and wonderful article on “The 10 Best Sunglasses for Summer 2020” and you targeted in your ad a group of keywords related to this topic, such as (best summer sunglasses - high quality summer sunglasses - 2020 model sunglasses... ) .

Then you put a recommendation for ten high-quality glasses with your affiliate link or that you sell these glasses directly, make sure that their degree of interest will be high, so the customers who bought you will put them in one place, and the customers who did not buy you will put them in the other, and you will retarget them in another campaign

3 - You can target these visitors, whether in the search engine or on specific sites, or in YouTube videos.. Yes, this is true. Imagine with me that you can target any famous YouTube channel specialized in your market, place your own advertisement in it, and attract interested customers.

4 - Through Google AdWords campaigns, you can market your channel and get views and subscribers within a short time.

5 - Your mastery of the skill of Google ads, will enable you to make offers to people and companies for a decent amount of money, as business is developing rapidly, and the future will be for electronic marketing, and imagine with me the amount of benefit and profit that you will reap through your mastery of this skill.