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What are the requirements for creating a WordPress website?

 What are the requirements for creating a WordPress website?

Now you may be wondering: Can I create my own website that easily without conditions or restrictions, even without any knowledge of programming and web design? The answer is quite simply and straightforward, yes you can. Of course, there are some inevitable requirements, and most people can fulfill them with little effort and capabilities. We will divide these requirements into primary and secondary requirements.

Basic requirements

What are the requirements for creating a WordPress website?

These are the basic elements that are necessary to launch any type of website on the WordPress platform, and these elements include:

1. Hosting

It means obtaining the service of a company specialized in storing website data on the Internet. The cost of getting hosting for your website ranges between $2.5-15 for simple plans, and up to $90-700 for mega subscriptions.

Plans vary with hosting size (10GB or more), maximum visitors per month (25k or more), maximum data transfer (50GB or more) and finally the number of sub-domains you can create within a site name

2. Domain Name

It is the name or address that you will adopt for your site, and you also need to subscribe to one of the services of a domain name provider. The cost of the domain varies according to the name itself, for example, you can put a name of your choice provided that it is not used before, and you can also buy a domain from other sites, meaning that you can buy a famous site name and gain visitors to you quickly.

The names of short, famous and popular sites are often the most expensive, and the cost of obtaining a domain for your site ranges from $9 to thousands of dollars, and that, as we mentioned, depends on the popularity of the name and the popularity of visitors.

3. Location based

There is a set of basic skills in the field of drawing.

4. Committed team

Whatever type of site you want to create via WordPress, you need content, and either you create the content yourself, or you save time and effort and hire a professional writer, to prepare that content and put it on the site through an independent platform, the largest Arab freelance platform.

secondary requirements

These are the requirements that you need to transform your site into a professional platform that competes strongly in your chosen field of work, and these requirements are represented in the following items:

1. Advanced Hosting

As the base of visitors or customers on your site grows and the site is constantly enriched with content, you will need to develop hosting plans to avoid site slowdowns, technical errors, and more.

2. Purchase paid themes and plugins

Templates are pre-designed and ready-made designs for the site with all its details and parts, and plugins are advanced tools specialized in various fields, for example the WooCommerce extension, specialized in building and managing online stores through WordPress.