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Creating a WordPress Website

 Creating a WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress website is no longer a luxury while WordPress is the most widely used open source CMS compared to the rest of the CMS; There is no alternative to using it. More than 34% of the sites on the network work on it, and it is followed by Joomla, the second-ranked system, whose share does not exceed 2.8% of the sites on the network. WordPress currently supports 57 languages, including Arabic.

One of the main reasons why WordPress is so popular is that it is easy to install, even for beginners who don't have good technical experience or knowledge. In this guide, you will learn the first steps of how to create a simple and practical WordPress website.

First: buy a wordpress domain

Although WordPress is free and open source, it does not mean that creating your own site will be free and without any charge, because you will need to reserve hosting, and purchase a domain for the site. When it comes to buying a domain, there are quite a few companies that sell domain names, and for reasonable amounts. Some hosting companies give out a free domain name if you host your site on it.

Second: Reserving WordPress hosting

When creating a WordPress site and after purchasing the domain name, you will have to reserve hosting for your site, there are many hosting companies that specialize in WordPress. Some of them offer very attractive offers, sometimes for less than three dollars per month. Hosting companies will give you space on their servers to host your new site and your chosen domain name.

There are dozens of options available to host your site, you will have to look for what suits you, the following article will help you choose the most suitable hosting for your site: What is the most suitable web hosting for your startup?

Third: Install WordPress

Some hosting sites take care of installing WordPress, and there are scripts that can automate the installation process, such as: Fantastico, Softaculous, and QuickInstall. WordPress can also be installed manually, but the easiest way to install WordPress is to host your site with a hosting provider that installs WordPress automatically.